Starting Spravato treatment this week

I am starting Spravato treatment this week and I wanted to see if anyone has experience with this treatment. I am not sure what to expect during the treatment and how do you feel the next day?

Welcome Rhawk!!!
I started on 54mg and it was like a mini K infusion…prefer the 84mg dosage.

I have done 20+ Spravato treatments. They didn’t help me unfortunately. I usually always got a headache and double vision. I had to always have the lights in the room off. I took a blanket because i got cold. I took headphones to listen to soft music. I took water and tic tacs because the taste of Spravato is awful. I always had to pee about half way thru. It makes me nauseous (common) so they gave me Zofran b4 i started. Make sure you tilt your head back about 45 degrees when you spray. I closed the other nostril before spraying. Then after spraying i would gently massage the nostril that i sprayed into so that i would absorb as much as possible. I always blew my nose before starting and used a saline nasal spray to moisten the nasal passages. If it runs down the back of your throat that means it didn’t get into your nasal passages. I literally put the bottle as far up into my nasal passage as possible before spraying. Keep your head tilted back and still after you spray. Practice with the saline solution. It wont hurt you at all. If you dont breathe well thru your nose it may be difficult for you to fully absorb the Spravato. I had deviated septum surgery last year. One of my nasal passages was 100% blocked and the other was 85%. I literally had never been able to breathe thru my nose my entire life. I am about 190 lbs. 3 sprays (84 mg) is just not enough for me to really benefit from it. Insurance wont pay for more than 84 mg unfortunately. Hope it goes well for you. Try and relax and listen to soft instrumental music. That always helped me a lot.

Sorry it didn’t work for you and thanks for the detailed message. I start my first dose tomorrow. Hoping for good results

GOOD LUCK tomorrow RHawk!!! Just relax and LET GO…hope the medication works well for you. It has been a life saving amazing drug for me. :pray::pray:

I am a little worried that it might not help me. I have fought for so many years with depression that I am always willing to try something that may work. Still looking for something that will work.

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How did it go today Hawk?

Well. When I arrived at the center I asked if I could switch to the Ketamine IV. I thought about this for several days. The cost was a big factor but I realized that I don’t have the support to get the spray because I would need someone to drive me for the 2 months that the spray option required. With the IV I just need help for 2 weeks. Even then I may have to use Uber sometimes. So I did the IV yesterday. No big dissociation but I felt more relaxed than I have ever been. Also at some point I realized that my brain just shut down. The thousand thoughts swilling in my head just stopped. I am not sure how long because I didn’t want to look at my watch. So overall I am encouraged. The dose yesterday was less than I am going to get tomorrow and next week

:+1::+1:Hope they started you at the minimum suggested dosage of 50mg?

You know I never even thought to ask what dosage I was getting. I was worried about what was going to happen to my brain/body

From what I have read, the starting dose should be .5 mg per KG of weight. I weigh 64 KG, and my first infusion was 35 mg and, believe me, that’s was PLENTY!! It was an incredible mind-blowing experience and at one point I actually thought I was dying (but I was totally cool with it :laughing:.) 50 mg is probably fine for an average size male, but I think the .5/mg starting dose is a good guideline. I have done 8 infusions using between 30-35 mg and 35 has been my sweet spot (she slowed it down from the first time and I haven’t thought I was dying again but have had amazing experiences and insights.) We are going to bump up the dose a little for my 9th infusion tomorrow because I have been reverting to depressive symptoms a few days after treatment. I haven’t tried nasal spray yet, but I will ask my psychiatrist if he will prescribe it to me so that I can go longer between IV treatments (or not need them anymore.)