Sweat Odor

Sorry if this is gross, but was wondering if anyone else has sweat that has the strong odor of vinegar after ketamine treatment. I read that it is likely due to kidney issues associated with infusion. If so, how long did it last for you?

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FWIW, I’ve had 10-11 infusions at this point, and my wife tells me that she has noticed no such odor. It could have something to do with your specific body chemistry, or perhaps your dosage.

The infusion before the last one I noticed a strong smell of ketamine inside my head that night, but it didn’t happen with the last one. Apparently there are a lot of factors that come into play, and we probably don’t know what most of them are. :roll_eyes:


Not vinegar but FOR SURE a uniques and strong body odor after infusion. Even after showering