Technical Question - Sort by new

I have searched everywhere possible for an answer to this and can’t find anything, so I’m posting to general.

Is there a way to sort postings by new first? I’m able to do this with other forums, but don’t see a way with Osmind.

For topics that were posted long ago where there is ongoing replies/discussion, it would be helpful to be able to read the most recent at the top rather than scrolling to the bottom to see the most recent posts.

Could this be a limitation of viewing on a phone rather than computer? Also, my provider doesn’t use the Osmind app, so I am a “forum only” subscriber which may make a difference.

If I’ve missed something obvious, please let me know.


@theresa247 You can definitely do all these things - at least I am able on both phone and computer. Look in the upper right corner. See the stack of three lines? That’s a menu icon. From that you can select by unread, new, latest, etc.