The dankest and rarest mental health services (+ free therapy!)

SO apparently Instagram’s advertising algorithm has gotten so good with me that most of its advertising is mental health-related lol. That means I have accrued way too much knowledge on the freshest mental health online services out there beyond BetterHelp and Talkspace. I keep suggesting some of these to people (because it helps me procrastinate from my own problems lol), so I might as well compile these into list.

Here we gooooo:

Mental health startups

  • Wellnite
    I have personally used this one and recommend it, especially if you know what antidepressant medication you need and just need someone to check in with you now and then.
  • Brightside
    Quite a bit pricier than Wellnite, but they’re more personalized, which can especially important if you’re looking through medication that works for you!
  • Cerebral
    Basically like Wellnite and Brightside, but they also treat insomnia! :o Service is a lot more put together than Wellnite
  • Done.
    Apparently getting ADHD treatment online can be super difficult! If you’re in need of it, there’s this service.

Online pharmacies

  • Honeybee Health
    Super cheap (non-scheduled) meds, and you don’t need to interact with hoomans IRL!

Other cool stuff

  • Plume
    FINALLY convenient transgender healthcare :weary:
    Only available in a few states, but rapidly expanding!

(BTW I was not paid or incentivized in any way to promote any of these companies. I just genuinely like info dumping mental health resources on people because I don’t have a life :joy:)

Keeping this a living thread–what’s your favorite online mental health service that no one seems to know about? :smiley:


Oooo these are awesome resources–thank you for sharing!!!

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this is a great list!

You are precious! I am super new to the online therapies stuff, butt have wondered for years why there were no options. Even after finding sites like The Mighty & Sanvello, I didn’t realize there were options like this! Plus, your list means we don’t need to put on thigh high rubber boots to wade through the garbage apps.


Please lease tell me if you have experience with online or phone counseling, therapy, whatever it’s called today. I’m thinking maybe teletherapy is what they’re calling it now. I see the ratings on Google play store and have googled the subject to death, but can’t make a jump. I am stuck at home… To walk out my floor I have to take nerve pills and still I cry and/or hyperventilate.

I do telehealth appointment with my counselor! Can you do something like that?