'The Psychedelic Therapist' documentary

I was interviewed a couple months ago for this documentary, slated for a Q3 2021 release. MAPS connected.


Oregon is leading the charge with WA state following suit, this documentary and the YES on 34 initiative, in signature gathering mode.

oh wow this is really cool! are we allowed to sign if we’re not from oregon?

if i may ask, what is your role in the documentary? (can DM you instead too). this is so cool!!

Only Oregonians. And I am one of the PTS veterans interviewed that has found healing in MDMA and other psychedelics and now microdose both psilocybin and lsa25 with the stamets stack, every third day and break every six weeks.

Hi, thank you for your service!
i’m from Washington state! This is exciting, when can we expect an initiative from WA?