Troches with CBD

I recently listed to a podcast of Dr. Wolfson, who is a big proponent of Ketamine. He mentioned combining with Pot/THC. I did recently try a combo with CBD oil and so far it has been a wonderful experience. You get the same introspective hour, but it is slowed down.
Love to hear if anyone else has tried this variation and your experience.

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I haven’t tried it, but the post-infusion provided by my clinic specifically state that cannabis is to be avoided the day of an infusion. Go figure…

yeah…it can be frustrating when actual Ketamine Clinics are actually saying different things. I guess it all depends on the patient. I WISH THC did for me what it does for many!!!


That is good to know. I did it with CBD oil and didn’t ask the clinic, but maybe I should. I was listening to Dr. Wolfson podcast and he recommended.

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I don’t think I’d feel too guilty about it. You very innocently took the good Dr.’s advice and it worked well for you. Unless you find out that there is some kind of unknown hazard associated with CBD oil in conjunction with ketamine, I don’t think I’d worry about it. Just my $0.02, for what that’s worth…

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I do the troches late evening soo then i have to go to sleep, which is always difficult for me. Soo i use Indica gummies with the K to help me sleep. That’s all it does is help me sleep. Does not have any effect on the K experience. Does not matter if i do the indica an hour before or after the K - does not affect the K.

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CBD does not get you high. It is extremely safe. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-anxiety. If I had a bigger budget, I would be definitely be adding it to my regimen for lower back pain. With CBD it has to be full spectrum to work. As far as what I know scientifically, CBD isolate is not effective like, full spectrum. I am not a doctor, so take what I say for what it is. Being a gunshot victim I have had to learn a lot about anything that could help.

I feel like this might be a weird combo. Not to scare anyone but I’ve heard of psychotic episodes with THC mixed. CBD should be fine though, right?

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CBD is anti inflammatory. CBD is anti anxiety. CBD does not get you high.

I use CBD when I can afford it. It does not seem to interact with any of the medication I take. It will help you sleep.

Did they say why they don’t want any cannabis?

Marijuana is the second most important medication in my medicine cabinet after ketamine. Without cannabis, I cannot sleep at all. I’m not joking. The worst part of my brain injury is lack of sleep.

Just curious about how often you use the troches to help you sleep. I have a terrible time with insomnia and the ketamine troches help a great deal but concerned about over using this remedy for a sleepless night. Thanks, D

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For me I do better if I do the ketamine in the day. If I do ketamine late at night it will just keep me up. Cannabis at night. A nice heavy Indica for sleep. If medical cannabis is available edible cannabis has none of the detriment of smoking. However it is a much stronger form of marijuana. If you have never done edibles you need to start with the smallest dose. Also the effects of an edible last about four hours.