What is your question about them?

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My apologies. I was searching for posts related to troches and must have entered my search term in the wrong place. I accidentally created a post.

Thank you for replying though.

I’m currently using them and follow this forum to see what others are experiencing, both positive and negative.

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Oh no worries; I just didn’t know if there was something we needed to work on! I used a troche today. It was enjoyable. I have had trouble relaxing as I recently had to put my dog down. :sweat: Troches help you get through the rough patches.

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I’m so sorry about losing your buddy. I’ve been through that (the loss and euthanasia) and it was rough going for longer than I expected.

I lost both of my parents in a 3 year period (between 2017 and 2020) which added to my always present depression significantly. I’m hoping to be able to process now that I don’t have the responsibility of care. I had to whit knuckle it through that time and I know I need help bringing everything up and dealing with it. So far the heaviness and anxiety are better, but it’s only been a short period of time. I hope to achieve this with ketamine and also overall depression over time. I think I’ve taken everything available.


I felt the same way about all the drugs they threw at me. Anti-depressants made me feel like a zombie. I’m very sorry about your parents. I am very lucky to still have both of mine. I worry about my mother, as she does not stay very active.

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Zombie is a good description knowing that you know what you’re talking about.

I understand the worry for your mom. I saw habits and other signs with my dad and knew things would be bad at the end regardless of when that occurred. Good luck hanging in there with her. It’s hard to worry and not be able to intervene as they would have with us.

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