True visual hallucinations post-infusion?

Has anyone experienced hallucinations stretching several hours after an infusion?

I had an infusion yesterday and when I got home, was momentarily horrified by the sight of thick cobwebs on some large, crumpled paper with many small insects scurrying around. The paper was real, but nothing else.

I also “heard” people talking right inside my ear for a while. With both hallucinations, I was able to convince myself that it was just the ketamine and would pass soon, so it wasn’t all that terrifying, just really unsettling.
The world is usually pretty distorted for me after an infusion, but actual hallucinations are new.

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Kind of. If I close my eyes I have visuals. I normally see dots or like a silhouette around people or objects. Yesterday they increased my dose and I was more lethargic than normal. Normally I kind of bounce right back. I think it’s normal. Do you get visuals while you are Under? One thing I notice is if I don’t “ride it out” the whole way or I get distracted by noise, things like that tend to happen to me afterwards. I take the day off if I get an i fustigó or use troches.

Yeah, I definitely have intense, sometimes bizarre visuals while under, they just don’t usually persist while my eyes are open. It was weird!
Thanks for sharing — It always interests me to hear how other people experience it.