Type 1 diabetic

I have yet to start treatments. I have used this platform as a bit of therapy. I have used my mood ratings as a way to integrate and separate my mental health life. I know there are a lot of things in my life that will not be changed by a drug. However, my health is like a full time job with overtime. It’s the overtime that gets me. The stuff you have to do many times not just once but twice (or like 8 times) that is just annoying people. It leaves me filled with rage. For those just looking to understand, I ordered a pizza and it was delivered without sauce (none, I looked). Got on the website, it told me to email, emailed, they asked if I called the store… no, because they would have told me to email you and you are customer service. That 100x is diabetes care, 1000x is actual diabetes. So I am hoping ketamine will help me reduce me screaming why? Why? Why? Into the universal voids. But just simply ask why? And can I make this better? Instead of not leaving my room for days. Anyone relating? Anyone know if this is a realistic expectation?

JBB, if you’re expecting ketamine infusions to relieve you of that frustration, I would have to say that it’s my experience that it won’t happen that way. Ketamine can cause a “reboot” of the brain, but whether or not it runs the same old programs is up to you, I guess. For what that’s worth…

Hmmm… I was hoping it would alleviate some of the rage I’m feeling. I was trying to commitment myself today. The insurance gave me 3 options. 1. Sounds ok. 2. Has a waitlist. 3. Was exactly the same place and location as the first place I called but labeled different with a different phone branch. I am hoping it reboots my software, but the viruses seem to be external. I guess i hoped it would help me have more energy to deal with things. Or give me the ability to sort them out without breaking out into sobbing tears? I guess if that isn’t what it does, I’m kind of confused about what it does do. Thanks for answering. I’m still a bit confused though.

JBB, until you experience it it’s all conjecture. Everyone seems to react and/or experience an infusion differently. You might find that during the infusion you’re able to look at things from a completely detached perspective, as it seems I do. My advice would just be to let go, putting your faith in your own higher self to do the driving.

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I am going through the worst trial of my life. And I too feel so much frustration. The infusions have made a huge difference. I am able to text to things in a way that I never have before. So there is always hope.

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I don’t know why text is in there. Old people and technology. Lol

I am able to navigate through this crisis in a way that I’ve never done before :heart: