Visions of water during ketamine infusions?

I’m wondering if anyone else has consistent images/scenes involving water during their ketamine infusions. I often have peaceful, soothing experiences of sinking in oceans, watching whirlpools, rivers, lakes, even melting glaciers. Is it the physiological effects of ketamine that make me think of water (eg the unsteadiness/disorientation), or something in my subconscious that brings this out? Can anyone relate?

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Every treatment was different for me. Very intense though.

I haven’t experienced anything like that and gotta say it sounds lovely! Is there a particular sound track your listening to that contributes to your experience?

I enjoy classical music for its distinctiveness, which seems to give me more memorable experiences than other kinds of music. I have to make sure it’s pretty gentle classical, though- no Beethoven’s fifth, haha! I actually notice that oboes really bring out the water visions, for whatever reason. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I like the Peaceful Retreat playlist on Spotify, as well as the artist Slow Meadow, which is not entirely classical- more just instrumental.

For me it’s like melting wax. Feels amazing to travel through the different levels, or realms!