Weird feelings on Ketamine

I have had the most beautiful and wonderful experiences of my life on Ketamine. Getting to know the real me. Addressing past trauma and current issues. Floating off out of my body and feeling like I can breathe for the first time.

On the flip side I’ve also had the feeling like I’m dying several times. I’ve also felt like I’m in another dimension but here at the same time (eyes open). I equate Ketamine to surfing and catching a wave, or a sound/music wave. If I’m not on the right wave length and I can’t get deep into my consciousness sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in between. I normally take my ear buds out and I feel like I’m dying or like everything is so weird, scary, and disorienting. Of course I never die, but curious if anyone has experienced the best and worst. I feel that if I’m immediately stressed or stuck in my head, sometimes it’s not the best time to do it. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?


Definitely. Usually beautiful moments, but I’ve had those moments when I wonder “am I dying?”. I remind myself that I’m not, and I’m safe. Thinking or saying “I’m safe” is really important for me to have a positive infusion, and a simple mantra to go in with before the infusion starts. Since you mentioned your earbuds, I’ll add that I’ve found that the music I listen to has a big effect on those feelings. I used to always do classical music and noticed I often felt that dying/scary hole moment during dramatic parts of a song, even if the song was peaceful overall. For the past ~6 months I’ve been listening to binaural beats (choosing frequencies intentionally) and really like it. I still have that feeling sometimes, but I go back to “I am safe” and ride the wave back to somewhere peaceful. This hasn’t happened in a while, but I’ve had a few moments where I felt scared and put my hand out to the person monitoring me, and having someone hold/touch my hand for a moment has been comforting. (I’ve been getting infusions regularly for over 2 years so I’ve had many experiences with difficult waves). Wishing you luck and hope you have more of those wonderful positive experiences.


Hey fpeot1…I had a big fight with my spouse before 1 infusion. For me I came out more relaxed and handling the stress of argument in a much better light!!!

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@Charaoui, if you like binaural beat technology, you might want to check out Sacred Acoustics. One of the most beautiful experiences I have had during an infusion was with their “Light Body” offering.


This was my experience as well. My last 2 treatments felt like my reality was permanently transformed and that I would have to exist in a new dimension. I liked the new dimension, because it was essentially worry-free. My only concern was how I would function with an incapacitated body. Yes, I somehow still had the ability to logically rationalize the hallucinatory situation oddly enough.


Cool, I’ll definitely check that out, thanks!

Has anyone had very variable effects of the drug, independent of dosage? Sometimes it rocks my world, other times it does almost nothing. Perhaps related to food intake? I’d appreciate your insights.

I already responded on another thread but many of us have been directed by our clinics/providers - no food within 6 hours (actual number may vary) and no liquid within 2. And no alcohol beforehand (my psych provider said it would amplify the depressive effects of the alcohol and result potentially in a negative experience).

I personally think thus far (I’ve only done 6 - first booster tomorrow) it does make the experience more intense if you fast beforehand. My infusion tomorrow is late morning so I will have an early dinner and then nothing until after infusion. I might even just do a late lunch. Definitely don’t drink anything too close because having a painfully full bladder definitely ruins the pleasure of integration time! A real buzz kill.

Hope this helps!