What do you listen to or watch during your Ketamine infusion?

I’ve been doing Ketamine infusions for about a year, I’ve tried a lot of different music/visuals to enhance the experience, what is your favorite?

I’ve explored lots of different music styles and have a few “go to” playlists, from the standards like Pink Floyd and the Beatles, to ambient music like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

Lately I’ve been using an app called myNoise that allows you to layer different sound generators and tune the frequency of each to what sounds best.

I’ve also experimented using a VR headset, but I’ve found that the visuals in my mind are way better than any VR experience.

What works best for you?


Deuter’s album, atmospheres
I use it for my at-home doses, too. Same 10 tracks every second day for the last 2 mths


My infusions were so insane I only heard the music at the very beginning and the end so about 10 minutes total but I had to have that playlist every time (4 infusions before covid put a wrench in those) I just had my first at home and it was so much easier and peaceful and I was alert and wrote the whole time while listening to a playlist from the doc who sent the troches… they are upping my oral this week … I like Florence and the machine and really almost melancholy but beautiful songs with lyrics… some of the meditation and healing frequency binaural beats were cool with the oral.


I put together a playlist called Ketamine Hour that’s my faves off other people’s psychedelic playlists so far. It’s on Spotify.

I also use Mindbloom’s playlists on SoundCloud. They are quite good.

My journeys are quite organic and calm and have very low visuals, so the music seems to drive the experience a lot.

Thanks for the info on the app!


I’ve been doing Ketamine sessions for about 4 months both in my Therapist’s office and at home. I’ve found that some binaural beats tracks are great for the home sessions with over ear headphones. I use tracks from Sacred Acoustics and Binaural Beats Meditation.


I love Sacred Acoustics!!!

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Ólafur Arnalds is magical to listen to during! Blend of post rock and electronic – always really facilitates my visuals.


I definitely prefer listening to music that I’m already familiar with (rather than exploring something that I’m hearing for the first time). When I started getting infusions over 5 years ago, playing the same song(s) over and over again was helpful too, in that it felt reassuring/grounding to have the repeated audio like a rhythm to the new experience. For many of my early sessions I listened to “Present tense” (by Pearl Jam) on repeat.

Over the years I’ve eventually felt less of a need for the repetition and started branching out – but I still definitely prefer to play albums I’m familiar with (and often choose Pearl Jam albums). What’s most clear is that I have to pick the album/playlist ahead of time, because once the treatment starts I’m not as good at doing basic things with my phone as I tend to assume I would be.

@Ezra, I had never heard of this guy, but after checking him out you can bet that I’ll be watching for him. Top shelf stuff!

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So glad you’re enjoying! His stuff is kind of magical :slight_smile:

I did some work with the founder of MyNoise - Great guy and very accessible, his work is incredible and very useful for a number of things, including Journeying.

I listen to a few MyNoise Generators and (believe it or not) audio books during my Ketamine Journeys. It depends on what I going after, the end results I want and how deep I am willing to go.

Audio books, for some reason, seem to work well (for me) when I want to achieve Ego Death…have no idea why.