What’s intention and integration?

Despite this being my second attempt with ketamine, I never heard of either of these two terms until I read some of these posts today. They sound important. I just started infusions again today and have another tomorrow (because I’m that messed up I guess) and would like the Cliff Notes version of how to apply these (intention and integration) if anyone can do that please Thank you for any guidance.

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@Lovebeach, it’s a little tough to state them them as any kind of an absolute, since everyone has a different idea as to what they mean. I’ve had something like 12 infusions now, and I still don’t have a handle on integration. Making it worse is the fact that all clinics don’t do things the same way.

Intention I think is generally understood to be an thought as to what one hopes to achieve in the process of an infusion, held in one’s awareness as the infusion starts to take hold. It’s kind of a focus that people set; a hope for healing if you will.

Thanks. I don’t know what to “intend”‘other than be healed. If that is feasible. I haven’t had a lot of time to research this, but I’ve gathered that “integration” has to do with what you “learn” during the infusion, or after infusion in retrospect, and somehow apply that to life? I’m honestly not sure I even feel like asking the new k dr as I don’t want to get into him playing therapist; that’s where my prior ketamine experience went awry.

@Lovebeach intending to be healed is perfect. Integration in my case just means taking some quiet time to let myself chill and contemplate any emotions or thoughts that may have surfaced. Sometimes I had phrases pop into my head soon afterward like “the past is passed” or “I’m glad that’s over” which I chose to interpret as my brain being able to move away from my trauma. But not necessarily anything major or earthshaking. It takes a while for the brain to heal and process. Don’t worry too much about it. Just try to give yourself a lot of emotional space and kindness during the process.

Thanks. And that was well said.

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