What to watch and listen to while doing your Ketamine Infusion

I’ve been doing Ketamine infusions for over a year and I got sick of trying to find calming visuals and music to experience in my treatment, so I’ve started making my own. Here’s the first video I created with mellow music and serene visuals that aren’t too distracting. I’d love to get other’s feedback on if these are useful or if they have any requests to make them more helpful for use in their infusions:


Very nice. I can see how it would be useful, but I’m puzzled by how you could include the visuals.

During my last infusion (I think my 9th) I used the extended version of “Light Body” by Sacred Acoustics and and found it to be an excellent shaper of the experience. But who can say? In my last infusion, I was dealing with my daughter’s death from a drug overdose. In any case, it helped.

So sorry to hear about your loss. I like the sacred acoustic audio as well, although sometimes they can be a little too intense. I created these visuals because at my clinic there is only one wall with a picture of trees to stare at while I’m starting my infusion, and I feel these more interesting visuals help me ease into the floaty feeling better than staring at the same picture.

@phamer28, that interests me. I’m careful to only use certain Sacred Acoustics, by the way. The extended version of Light Body works well. But what do you watch the visuals on, may I ask? An iPad seems an awfully small screen to hold your attention, or is it only intended to kind of set the tone until the inner screen is set in motion?

I use it on my ipad until I “float away” and the internal visuals are much much better.

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I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. I have a couple playlists I’ve created and one that I originally borrowed from. They are on Spotify.

Ketamine Initiation (Not mine)
My Ketamine Playlist
Ketamine Voyage

Artists I like for Ketamine:
Cris Derksen
East Forest
Ayla Nereo
Ludovico Eunadi



If your not a member of Spotify ($9.99 per/mo) you’ll get adverts during the playlist. Correct me if I’m wrong but that would be jarring to me if that were to happen.


You are right. I would join or buy some songs to make your playlist. You can get a family plan and split it. I think you can have up to 5 people.

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Thank you:)

This happened to me yesterday twice. Totally grounded me which sucked.