What was your experience with your therapist like during psychedelic sessions?

Hi Osmind Community, I’ll be doing a AMA this Thursday and I wanted to ask you all this question: What was it about the interactions you had with your therapist and the care that you received during your psychedelic session that really made a difference for you (both good or bad)?

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my guide was totally nonjudgmental which meant a lot to me. i felt like i was in control of my emotions and could feel and express whatever i wanted to feel without having to worry about how he would react

My experiences have been really great so far. I have a very supportive guide (which makes me feel safe and more relaxed), she asks gentle questions related to my stated intentions (made right before ingestion) should it seem appropriate for what is happening or what I am saying. If I seem ready for next level, she is there for encouragement, asks very short questions, always about my physical wellbeing too. She has complimentary holistic substances to enhance my access to information when I seem to be ready for it. Sometimes there is a bit of conversation but sometimes not. One of the most beneficial aids is the note taking. She writes down what I say when we are both clear it is worth remembering, and when I am not clear and she intuits its importance, I have always appreciated the additional info because it prompts memories and helps with integration. Sometimes my integration process is like putting puzzle pieces together, and the notes help with that.

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I’d love to be able to actually GET to an experience at all! I have done infusions and now do troches at home. I am still weighing up whether or not to do KAP or MDMA assisted psychotherapy. I have CPTSD, and trust and letting my guard down are very big issues for me. At the moment they are standing in the way of me going ahead. I wish there was more conversation (and that clinicians were more empathic) around the massive conflict and fear and complexity there is around opening up with others for people whose trauma is interpersonal and understand that it goes beyond a bit of anxiety or trepidation.

I originally wasn’t going to answer this because I went for just ketamine infusions, but after watching your AMA, some of my experience may be what you’re looking for. For context, I went for infusions for CPTSD. During my infusions, one of the nurses would sit with me. If I felt overwhelmed and opened my eyes to check in on reality, she’d remind me that I was safe and that everything was okay. If my periodic sobbing started to sound like it was getting out of hand, she’d rub my leg until I calmed down. They didn’t want to interfere with people’s inner experiences but didn’t want them to get overwhelmingly anxious or upset either.

I saw a somatic bodyworker between infusions, and once was a couple of hours after an infusion so my executive functions weren’t back online yet. He did gentle, nervous system-oriented work and held space. I talked about the infusion experience, what I’d learned, what I was processing, etc. He provided support and empathy, as appropriate. He’s not a psychotherapist, so his scope is more limited. He’d also focus on wherever in my body I was feeling the emotions, and I think that body-oriented work like that is really important for people with trauma.

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