What was your patient experience?

Hey Osmind community,

For those of you who have asked physicians about alternative treatments for a psychiatric illness, I wanted to ask – how did that go? Did you feel supported?

In a word, no. I had told my PCP that antidepressants did not work for me, and that I didn’t want to go back there. His response was, and I quote, “Diabetics don’t want to take insulin.” The idea that mainstream pharmacological offerings were ineffective never entered his mind.

Wow I’m sorry to hear about that experience. @Khashayar and I are both in medical school and we definitely can see how many are not taught mental health the right way. Generally I feel like we have, for way too long, relied on pharmacologic solutions and that is how our nation has become reliant on pills and reactive therapies. In mental health in particular it’s so important for PCPs to receive adequate mental health care training because 1) PCPs prescribe 80% of antidepressants in the US, 2) we don’t have enough mental health providers in this country, 3) PCPs are the front door to the healthcare system and people are often reluctant or scared of opening up about their mental health - PCPs must present a welcoming, trusting, warm opportunity for people to get the optimal care they deserve

And…I guess a lot of PCPs might not know SSRIs have about only a 30% effectiveness rate? :frowning: