When have lozenges been added to your treatment

When in the process were you prescribed lozenges? I’m finishing my sixth and last initial series and need input on when it’s normal to get lozenges and how has that helped you?

I don’t think everyone gets lozenges, but usually I think it’s usually after the infusion series is over as a way to maintain the response over longer periods of time

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I’ve only had lozenges.

Started lozenges after my second series of ketamine. I find that they help me last between IV boosters.

After my initial six infusions, I went for a booster two weeks later because I could feel myself slipping back towards where I had been prior to the infusions. Given that two weeks out from the initial protocol is pretty early to be needing a booster, my clinic prescribed the troches at that point.

I was able to switch to lozenges after my initial 6 infusions and 5 boosters.

Just a little follow up, thanks for the replies. After my 6 IM treatments it took about 4 weeks until I needed a booster. I was using the Osmind app to log how I was doing daily and making notes and the clinic actually called me to come in based on the input. Was put on troches/lozenges right after and have been on them since. They have made a huge difference in staying on top of it and continuing to push in the right direction.


This was true for me… I started initials in mid Oct. but couldn’t last 6 weeks for a booster so losenges r in the mail now.

Are the lozengers expensive???

I pay $40 for 30 200mg trokies
I think that’s cheap

Thats paying without insurance.

Where are you getting these lozenges and aren’t they a script

Yes, they are a script item. Script issued by local ketamine clinic. Local-ish pharmacy is who supplies them.

Thanks J1307!!! Can Psychiatrists prescribe or only someone in the field of anesthetics?

Mine wasn’t prescribed by an anesthesiologist, but a Nurse Practitioner at the clinic. I’d say from that that anyone who can write a script should be able to write one for K.

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Thanks for the info J1307…

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Wow, that’s really good to know!!!