While taking ketamine has anyone experienced back pain?

I’m not sure if someone has asked this yet but I recently started the troches. My lower back is always a little sore on and off just because of some surgeries I’ve had in the past. I’m not sure if ketamine could be the reason as it could be multiple other things BUT I’ve noticed when I started the troches my back seemed to get much much worse. It kills me and even goes into my leg. I’ve done the infusions for a couple years now I go back and get a booster every few months but never had this happened. I take the troches daily except for the two days of course So I’m wondering has anyone ever felt this or anything similar happen to them?

I have lower back pain but have not experienced this.

Maybe your doctor will allow a little bit of pain meds like Tylenol or something?

So you do not think it is from the ketamine? I could very well be having health problems not from the ketamine…that would not be out of the ordinary for me. I had two major surgeries I. A week at the end of December but u almost feel like my insides are inflamed. It’s just weird it started around the same time I started the troches.

I definitely find the troches to be a little harder on your stomach than the infusion. I have found a little bit of Mountain Dew along with it is helpful. Is that weird? It also helps with the awful taste!

I do not get back aches but do get a pretty significant headache with the lozenge. My doc said to take the Tylenol as soon as I feel the headache coming on, that has helped. My therapist also encouraged me to take the lozenge with some honey as it helps with the taste. I take a candied ginger to help with my stomach. Sorry, you get such a horrible back aches. Hope you find some help with the pain.