Would love to hear patient experiences!

If you are someone who has undergone ketamine treatments, I’d love to hear:
(1) What protocol / methods are you following?
(2) What have the actual treatment experiences been like for you? Visuals, thoughts, feelings, etc?
(3) What insights have you gained through treatment?
(4) What advice do you have for set & setting?
(5) Are you doing any sort of integration therapy, and if so, is that useful to you?

I’ll work on my own response to this as well!

Thank you for sharing.

  1. What protocol / methods are you following?
    Before Covid messed up my Schedule I was doing ketamine infusions of 140mg/hour for two hours, once every three weeks. In between I was doing 200mg lozenges every three days at home. I missed an infusion which messed me up and I’m trying to get back into a normal routine. So for now I’m doing lozenges and nasal spray every night..

  2. What have the actual treatment experiences been like for you? Visuals, thoughts, feelings, etc?
    Each infusion is different. Some of them I become very disassociated and I go into a whole different dimension or dream world, other times I just feel “floaty”, and other times I’ve been really uncomfortable and felt “out of body” but not in a good way. It is honestly very different each time (I’ve done about 30 infusions).

(3) What insights have you gained through treatment?
I keep a list on my phone of things I’ve learned during ketamine sessions, they vary wildly. Some are very insightful, and some are just gibberish.

(4) What advice do you have for set & setting?
Avoid bright lights or loud jarring sounds. Get comfortable and have a playlist picked out. Experiment with what kind of music helps you. .

(5) Are you doing any sort of integration therapy, and if so, is that useful to you?
I have a traditional therapist I talk to, but we don’t do any Ketamine therapy (I’ve talked to some people who talk to there therapist while doing an infusion). It is helpful to process, everyone needs a therapist.


I have been doing infusions at a clinic, had the initial 6 treatment in a 2 week time period, then I’ve done 2 boosters about a month a part. Sessions last about an hour and up to 110mg. Also I have 200mg lozenge for at home use that I use about twice a week. The in clinic treatments I have some pretty cool visuals of like waving curtains that I feel like I’m floating through. A few times I had some pretty strange body load of feeling. Total out of body feeling. The last treatment I asked to do a higher dose and we did. During the last treatment it got a little weird and I was thinking it was a bad idea that I upped the dose and i I thought I was dying, when I decided to just let go and ride it out, my whole body physically felt like it was melting, then everything got better and had some really intense visuals. The lozenge sometime have visuals and a dissociation feeling, not every time though. During the treatments I have these really wonderful feeling and ideas, but after the treatment I can’t remember what the ideas where, just that I had something I wanted to remember. I can’t write anything down while on it because everything looks like it’s continually falling. I have felt really awful after the last couple treatment, like motion sickness. I am in the process of finding a therapist, haven’t dealt with one yet. Set and setting, have a relaxed spot to just relax with headphones on and close your eyes.


I had infusions in a clinic. I was going to have the recommended protocol of 6 but felt so much better after 3 I stopped. That was about 10 weeks ago and considering the rabbit hole we’ve all gone down in the last 10 weeks I’m doing well. The treatments themselves were incredible, actually I don’t have words. I had a close, supportive friend in the room with me for two out of three and having her there helped me relax and go with the flow. I’m not sure of the dose but the Dr said I was a “cheap date”. In other words it didn’t take me much. I had vivid hallucinations and feelings of euphoria which I really don’t have words to explain. The downside is that it was hard on my body and even with increasing doses of anti nausea medication it was hard on my body. It took me a full 24 hours to recover physically each time. I’m not sure how I would be reacting to this experience oh sheltering in place if I hadn’t had these treatments. Not to say I haven’t had some really bad days (like 3 days in when a water line in my house broke) but I’m doing very well. I do look forward to a booster when this is all said and done.